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Thanks to its years of experience, Artrec Filter specializes in the production of high quality air, liquid, gas filter and filtration equipment for all industry and industry branches. Our technical staff has got experience in cost effective filtration solutions for industrial needs. Artrec is the industry’s most well-known and pioneering company in the field of quality, responsibility and innovation in the production of all filter series with OEM reference brands. ​ As a filtration specialist, Artrec designs and manufactures filter elements for all industries. Fluid, Oil, Hydraulic, Air, Dust, Pneumatic, Molding Filters, Plastic and Metal Processing, Automotive, Chemical, Mining, Casting, Food, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Defense Industry, Power Generation Plants, Wind Turbines, Oil / Gas Industry. Artrec provides high quality filters and innovative solutions for all industrial requirem ...

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Hydraulic Filters

Artrec produces brand name and high-quality replacement hydraulic and fuel oil filters to ...

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Air Filters

​Artrec produces a full range of superior replacement filters for industry, HVAC and HEPA ...

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Micro-Fiberglass Filter Elements

Artrec Micro-Fiberglass Filter Elements are manufactured from special micro-fiberglass ma ...

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Private Label Filter Elements

Artrec has got extensive private labeling technology for filter elements. We can apply yo ...

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Natural Gas Filters

​ Natural gas is a mix of hydrocarbon gases which the largest component methane is. It’s ...

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Gas Turbine Air Filters

Proper air filtration is critical to the overall performance and reliability of gas turbi ...

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Filtering and filtration are essential for an industry to be environmentally friendly as well as for trouble-free operation. Filter needs should be considered because it protects the environment from environmental factors such as dust, polluted air and oil. The filter industry often requires special manufacturing and solutions according to customer requirements. The "fully custom" design or "customized" standard products are precise designed by the expert Artrec team and are produced with the most suitable materials. Filters used by precision machinery and systems are manufactured by high technology production processes and machine park. Artrec's skilled and regularly trained production team is able to meet both short and long production processes and demanding delivery requirements with its flexible production capacity. It is of utmost importance to fulfill the delivery demands of the fast-moving sectors, and Artrec places great importance on after-sales services. Our high standard filters are superior in performance, fit, form and function that meet OEM filter specifications.