About Us

Thanks to its years of experience, Artrec Filter specializes in the production of high quality air, liquid, gas filter and filtration equipment for all industry and industry branches. Our technical staff has got experience in cost effective filtration solutions for industrial needs. Artrec is the industry’s most well-known and pioneering company in the field of quality, responsibility and innovation in the production of all filter series with OEM reference brands.

As a filtration specialist, Artrec designs and manufactures filter elements for all industries. Fluid, Oil, Hydraulic, Air, Dust, Pneumatic, Molding Filters, Plastic and Metal Processing, Automotive, Chemical, Mining, Casting, Food, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Defense Industry, Power Generation Plants, Wind Turbines, Oil / Gas Industry. Artrec provides high quality filters and innovative solutions for all industrial requirements.

Providing top customer service, expert technical support and the cost effective filtering solutions are the most critical factors in our success. The techniques developed in engineering solutions, its commitment to quality and many years of experience, reference solutions for industry-specific filtering applications are key facts of Artrec’s brand in the field of filter and filtration. Having reached the highest performance levels in today’s filters, Artrec is recognized as the leader in the design, manufacture and after-sales service of quality filtration products for the industry