Privacy Policy

Privacy and security of personal information have importance as they have an essential place within the frame of served service, business principles and corporate structure of Artrec Filter

Artrec Filter summarizes with the below mentioned principles its approach to corporate and/or personal information that are shared by the cooperated institutions or consumers who make use of products and services and/or see the results with Artrec Filter. We will not be responsible for any expenses or all kinds of damages or expenses that third parties may suffer in any way.

In Artrec Filter "Web Site", there is not any direct personal information about you except name, surname, and contact and address information. And in the technologies, that we use for the aim of determining which parts of the site is interested by our visitors and how many times do they enter, no any data is analyzed in personal base and only anonym (no name / no identity) information are evaluated for statistical purposes to serve our visitors in a better way.

Name, surname, contact and address information required from the visitors in site are not shared with third parties in any way and are not evaluated as commercial merchandise.

In all posts to be made from our web page, it is possible to be deleted from the receiver list or change your information in any time you like.

Business Principles, Confidentiality and Security

For Artrec Filter "Web Site" protection of personal data is extremely important. For this reason, we would like you to know how your personal confidentiality is protected when you resign your personal data. Artrec Filter fully complies with the legal regulations on protecting the data about personal information. All transaction about personal data in "Web site" is carried out in accordance with the legal regulations and besides, our users are given below mentioned information and it is undertaken by Artrec Filter for the privacy of your personal data will always be protected and be used with responsibility.

While visiting Artrec Filter web pages, you can act with peace and reliance under our above given undertaking. Artrec Filter uses technical and organizational security measures to avoid your personnel data to be intentionally or accidentally used, lost, erased or accessed by the no authoritative parties. Security measures are regularly developed and are adopted in accordance with the conditions of time.

All corporate and/or personal information that are shared in our "web site" are deal as confidential, not shared with any legal or private person and are not evaluated as commercial merchandise.

All customer information, consumer information, corporate documents and all other documents having possible strategically value, which are shared with us before or during the corporate business with Artrec Filter, will be kept as confidential. Artrec Filter does not realize data transfer/data base trade with any corporate data base. Artrec Filter carries out the studies needed to reach customer target group and to correctly apply permitted marketing rules in all its posts. You always have the right to receive information, correct and delete about processing or usage of your personal data.