Artrec can offer liquid bag filters. We can be offering every size and micron Polyester, Polypropylene, and Nylon filters. Our filter elements are ideal replacements for many OEM elements and are designed to be functionally and dimensionally interchangeable.
Filter Bag Seals: Prevention of hazardous waste and obtainment of efficient products gain importance nowadays where environmental consciousness and human health has become so prominent. Therefore during the manufacturing processes;
  • retention of dirt
  • efficient removal of dirt from the product
  • Minimizing the harm done to the balance of nature
  • Procurement of a healthy working environment
The establishment of dirt holding systems is necessary for reintroducing material of economic value back to the system.
Nowadays, filter bags which are native parts of filtration systems used for operational efficiency and compliance with environmental norms, are used in all the industrial facilities.
The main element of the dirt holding system with the bag is the filter bag produced from fabric that purifies the gas from particles of dirt and that enables the flow of purified air. The selection of filter bags is quite significant as they are vital parts of the industrial dirt holding process.
We provide service with our Polyester, Acrylic, PPS, Meta-aramid, Polyimide, ePTFE and PTFE Membrane Laminated fabrics and advanced applications requiring special chemical processes.
Factors defining the selection of filter bags
These titles below should be taken into consideration in the selection of filter bags.
When selecting a bag, whatever the gas distribution may be, the temperature is definitely the most important factor to be taken into consideration. Filtration applications are divided into two sub-groups: low-temperature filtration; refers to processes that operate at about ambient temperatures such as mill, grinding, mixing and packaging processes. High-temperature filtration refers to applications where furnaces, dryers and boilers of which the temperature induced or it is a part of the process.
Gases and Chemicals
The deterioration and abrasion resistance capacity of the filter fabric at the operation temperature levels of acids, alkali, solvents and oxidizing agents are taken into consideration.
The hydrolysis resistance at the anticipated temperature and humidity levels of the filter bags is taken into consideration.
Dimensional Stability
The resistance of the filter fabric to contraction and tensile forces at the anticipated temperatures and gas conditions is taken into consideration.
Type of Filter Unit
Cleaning method, pressure, the structure of the filter bag and the casing design should be taken into consideration separately.
For Reinforcement and Improvement
The available application background should be explored.
Which filter fabrics may be used?
We can group the filter fabrics that can be used in the filtration systems under two titles. Conventional filter fabrics and ePTFE membrane laminated filter fabrics. ePTFE (enhanced polytetrafluoroethylene) membrane laminated filter fabrics are produced by the lamination of the micro-pored membrane material made of  100% PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) polymer resins onto surfaces of the conventional transporter and support filters.
Filtration is a total process based on many components. The filter bags and the fabrics and their operational environment indicated as the filter itself - the last and most critical link of this process – and the reinforcement frame that constitutes the filter, ventures and valves and clamps are as of equal importance as well.
As your solution partner, we support you with the procurement of all the equipment that makes up the filter.
The long-lasting optimum operating performance of the “Jet Pulse” filter bags is directly interrelated with the quality and compliance of the “Reinforcement Frame” that supports them. The adaptation of the reinforcement frame to the bag in a way that enables activities that will remove the dirt from the surface efficiently and the limitation of the movement of the bag in a way that prevents tearing that might occur as a result of mechanic stresses are vital.
For the mechanical durability, fabrics manufactured as “felt” and “woven” need different levels of support.
The information below has been prepared for the two types of fabrics based on the experiences of our company in order to guide the design of cylindrical type frames.
The type of frame material advised to be used depends on the gas conditions. They can be advised according to the applications for which the frame will be used.

General Advise
  • Don’t use corroded frames
  • Don’t use bent frames that include bent/broken vertical wiring and/or rings
  • The welding should be burr-free and smooth on all surfaces.
  • Lower lid edges should be bent inwards.


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