Artrec Micro-Fiberglass Filter Elements are manufactured from special micro-fiberglass material bonded with a stable resin. Because of long-lasting and their increased dirt holding capacity and particle capture efficiency, micro-fiberglass filter elements are an appropriate selection for applications for liquids and gases, so micro-fiberglass filter elements offer extra protection for your filtration system.
Artrec micro-fiberglass filter elements are an appropriate selection for a majority of applications for liquids and gases. Artrec filter media is manufactured from inert micro-fiberglass material bonded with a stable resin. Because of their increased dirt holding capacity and particle capture efficiency, micro-fiberglass filter elements offer extra protection for the filtration system. The fibers in our Artrec filters are typically small and uniform in size. This keeps contamination out of your system for a longer system life and less downtime. Our filter media conforms to the latest standards and every element that we manufacture is functionally and dimensionally interchangeable with OEM filters.
Micro-Fiberglass filter elements are available in specialty configurations for :
  • Anti-Static Filter Elements
  • Water Removal Filter Elements
Artrec Micro-Fiberglass Filter Element Specifications:
  • Designed to provide Bx(c)=1000 filtration efficiencies at 2.5, 5, 7, 12 and 22 microns with a minimum Bx=200 at 1, 3, 6, 12 and 25-micron ratings
  • Designed to withstand from 150 PSID to 3250 PSID collapse pressure ratings
  • For maximum element durability and long lifecycles, elements can be co-pleated with support layers, including
o   Polymer mesh
o   Annealed epoxy-coated steel wire
o   Stainless steel wire cloth
Anti-Static Filter Elements
Artrec Filter Elements uses an advanced proprietary conductive media technology to eliminate electric charges generated via the flow of fluids through media. This exclusive media insures a very low charge across filter media over long periods of time to reduce discharge sparking.
  • Dissipates electric charges
  • Superior strength and heat tolerance
  • Extraordinary chemical resistance
  • Allows lower pressure drop which reduces Electrostatic discharge
Electrostatic discharge is a common problem with ash-free, zinc-free fluids. Some oils have high electrical conductivity because they contain the heavy metals of previous generation fluids. Oil passing through hydraulic or lubricating systems filters can generate electrostatic charges which, when not dissipated, can lead to a high voltage spark from filter media to support tube. These sparks can lead to:
  • oil degradation and varnish
  • damage to components such as valves
  • potential damage to electronic components
  • potential explosions and damage to filter media
The consequences of varnish deposits are well-known and include:
  • seized valve spools
  • overheated solenoids
  • filter clogging
  • shorter fluid life
Artrec media is available with all Artrec Filter micro fiberglass filter elements
Anti-static Artrec Elements are suitable for power generation applications (gas turbines and power plants), plastic injection molding machines, mobile hydraulics, the pulp and paper industry and any other application that uses low-conductivity oils.
Water Removal Filter Elements
Free water in hydraulic or lube systems is a serious contaminant. The Artrec layer reacts with water to physically lock the water to the absorbent material via hydrogen bonding so that it cannot return to the oil or fuel. By removing water, oil life is extended as well as the life of the equipment. A filter element with Artrec absorbent media helps protect hydraulic system from both particulate and water contamination, providing absolute filtration of solid particles to Βx(c) = 1000 levels.
By removing water from your fluid power system, people can help avoid many problems :
  • jammed valves
  • bearing fatigue
  • corrosion
  • lubricity loss
  • variances in viscosity
  • increased electrical conductivity


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