With its unique physical properties, Artrec PTFE Dust Collector Filters are able to high perform than  all other filter constructions in many applications. Among its many useful properties, PTFE is hydrophobic meaning it repels water. Additionally, it has a very low coefficient of friction meaning substances have a hard time sticking to it and is easily removed and has a high melting point. Stricter governmental regulations for particulate emission are on the horizon. The new standard for particulate matter emissions will present additional challenges for facilities to reach compliance. Artrec Dust Filters can reach amazing efficiencies when operated deployed correctly and easily reach sub-micron filtration ranges. In some applications efficiencies are high enough to allow for the recirculation of treated air back into the facility and promote an environmentally friendly operation, and saves on heating costs.
Many industries need clean process air. Artrec manufactures the full line of original and replacement dust collector filter cartridges, bags and tubes to meet the dust collection needs. Our dust collector filter elements provide exceptional performance and configure in all styles, medias, end cap configuration with cellulose, polyester, stainless steel materials. Artrec media meets your specific needs with original or high-quality replacement filters in long filter life and lower costs.
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) filters are used in cylindrical metals as pleated depending on the different purposes of use.
They are favored in many sectors as they are economical in the long term and long-lasting when compared with other filtration materials. They are commonly used in electrostatic spraying booths, sanding facilities and other industrial factories.

-    Provide high-efficiency filtration.
-    Possess maximum dirt holding capacity.
-    Double sided surface protection and impermeable polyurethane seals are used.
-    Custom production is available for special customer needs.
Artrec filters also have a distinct advantage over non-membrane filters due to differences in the way they filter out particulate. Non-PTFE membrane filter bags employ depth filtration to filter particulate. Depth filtration is accomplished when a layer of dust cake forms on the outside of the filter, and an accumulation of dust particles are deposited in the depth of the filter. In coming particles are captured as they follow the tortuous path through the dust cake, and depth of the filter. As time goes on, more and more particles get trapped within the filter, leading to higher pressure drops and eventually filter “blinding” which reduces filter life.
Fabrics Polypropylene Acrylic Polyester PPS Aramid P84 Fiberglass PTFE Felt
Max Continuous Operating Temperature 77°C 130°C 135°C 190°C 204°C 180–260°C 260°C 260°C
Abrasion Excellent Good Excellent Good Excellent Fair Fair Good
Energy Absorption Good Good Excellent Good Good Good Fair Good
Filtration Properties Good Good Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Fair Fair
Moist Heat Excellent Excellent Poor Good Good Good Excellent Excellent
Alkalines Excellent Fair Fair Excellent Good Fair Fair Excellent
Mineral Acids Excellent Good Fair Excellent Fair Good Poor Excellent
Oxygen (15%+) Excellent Excellent Excellent Poor Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
The following is a list of just some of the possible applications where PTFE membrane Artrec filters have provided increased system performance for our customers.
Chemical   Cement & Stone
Fertilizer Spray Dryers   Kiln Clinker
Calcium Hypochlorite   Cooler Crushing
Polyethylene Resins   Grinding Raw Mill/Finish Mill
Coke-Briquetting Process   Packing Machines
Tire/Specialty Rubbers   Kaolin Processing
Catalyst Manufacturing   Material Loading
Plastic Fibers   Material Handling/Transport
Cellulose Fibers   Coal Mill
Polystyrene Fluff   Clay Grinding
Packaging   Bentonite Crushing
PVC   Silo Bin Vents
Detergents   Calciners
Food/Pharmaceutical   Paint/Pigments
Food Additive Processing   Toner Mixing/Blending
Spray Drying   Pneumatic Conveying
Pharmaceutical Pill Coating   Pigment Blending
Cereal Processing   Micronizes
Animal Vitamins   Packaging
Pneumatic Conveying   Paint Mixing
    Material Handling   Spray Dryers
Metals   Combustion
Electric Arc Furnace   Boiler
Desulphurization Furnace   Coal Handling
Induction Furnaces   Fly Ash Handling
Mold Cooling Lines   Hazardous Waste
Shot Blast/Grinding   Incinerators
Ladle Melt Furnace   Soil Remediation
Sand Shakeout/Sand Reclaim   Waste to Energy
BOF Furnace   Carbon Black
Caster   Fume Metal Oxide
Reverb Furnace    


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